Merger by Christianne Villmarie

Merger by Christianne Villmarie

Monday January 8th, 2018
all day

Exposure Gallery, 1255 Wellington St. West

These recent photographs are Christian Villemaire's interpretation of Hull, Québec, where he lives. Villemaire thinks about how his ten year old son may not be able to distinguish the old town of Hull from the new city merged with Gatineau. The old Hull is changing. Maybe his son will know about it because of these photographs and because his father talks about it. In the generations to come the town of Hull may be lost after being merged with Gatineau and other communities. In the new city there is a big diversity of people. Walking, driving, and venturing around Hull, Villemaire takes pictures of what he sees. He is curious but does not really know what he is looking for. He photographs places, buildings, stores, houses that needed maintenance, funky signs, and people. Hull has never been great at preserving its patrimony. Sometimes they will destroy a building to make a parking lot. The photographic work is ongoing. Villemaire remains curious about the people, places and stories in his town. He is always open to whatever he might find and intends to continue in this project. 

Christian Villemaire was born in 1979 in Aylmer, Québec. He received his Bachelor of Science in computer sciences in 2003. Three years ago, Christian decided to make a big change in his life and start a photographic career. He has completed the Diploma Program at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa and is pursuing a career in both visual art and commercial photography. A solo exhibition of Villemaire's photographic series, Ferme Morgan | Morgan Farm, is currently on view at Bouquinart Librairie & Galerie d'art, in Aylmer, Quebec. Accepted into the SPAO Artist Residency in the Fall of 2017, Villemaire is developing new work to be exhibited next Fall in the SPAO Centre Gallery. 

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