Briana Kim of Cafe My House, Shines in Gold Plates Competition!

Briana Kim of Cafe My House, Shines in Gold Plates Competition!

Tuesday November 14th, 2017

First time’s a charm for Wellington West’s Briana Kim of Cafe My House, winner of the 2017 Gold Medal Plates competition!  But competing for the first time in the prestigious event was not the only hurdle Ms. Kim had to overcome to emerge victorious over nine other chefs from Ottawa’s most celebrated restaurants - she had to do it with a handicap - no animal products.

Kim has proven that vegan food does not have to mean denial when it comes to quality or taste. Her showstopping ginger marinated mushroom steak, and mushroom mousse in a kombu and charred onion broth, with pearl onion, pickled pear, citrus honey shishito pepper and shiso, with a fennel rice cracker - was undeniably the best of the bunch.


The next stop for this avant garde gourmet is the Canadian Culinary Championships taking place February 2-3, 2018 in Kelowna, BC.

But Kim and Cafe My House are not the only shining stars in Wellington West’s gastronomical universe.

Kevin Benes of Carben Food and Drink and Jeff Bradfield of Bar Lupulus were also selected to participate in the renowned competition which tends to feature newer establishments just reaching their stride.

Still not enough for you? Looking for something more established with a proven track record of delivering high quality, contemporary cuisine.

Wellington West also boasts three of the top ten over ten restaurants in Ottawa. That’s right - a solid ten year history (at least) of being ahead of the game when it comes to food in the nation’s capital. We are proud these established, high quality restaurants have chosen to continue to call Wellington West, home.  Absinthe headed by Patrick Garland, Allium with Arup Jana at the helm and the aptly named Wellington Gastropub featuring Chris Deraiche all are worth the visit - and then some.