It's finally here - the TWELFTH day of Giving!

It's finally here - the TWELFTH day of Giving!

Tuesday December 19th, 2017

On the twelfth day of Giving, Wellington West gave to me...
Twelves foodies gushing!
And a pair of Tickets to the GCTC!

It's the twelfth day of Giving in Wellington West! Use the hashtag #12daysonwelliwest for your chance to win!

If you win, you could find yourself and a friend, at the GCTC, taking in a great show! Or getting your gastronomy on at Wellington West's award-winning restaurants, courtesy of one of twelve $25 gift certificates! You could continue the spirit of giving and pass them on to friends or family!

  • Bella's Bistro - 1445 Wellington St. West

  • Stofa - 1356 Wellington St. West

  • Supply and Demand - 1335 Wellington St West

  • Bar Lupulus - 1242 Wellington St West

  • Absinthe - 1208 Wellington St West

  • Canvas - 65 Holland Ave

  • Tennessey Willems - 1082 Wellington St. West

  • Cafe My House - 1015 Wellington St . West

  • Bar Laurel - 1087 Wellington St . West

  • Simply Raw Express - 989 Wellington St. West

  • Hintonburg Public House - 1020 Wellington St. West

  • The Third - 1017 Wellington St. West

Just check out our posts on TwitterFacebook and Instagram -Like & Share to be entered - or get really creative and post a picture of yourself at one of today's participating businesses on social media to be entered two times. If you really want to win - sing your heart out, or do something else creative and post to social media! Don't forget the hashtag: #12daysonwelliwest 

Good luck and happy giving!